* Guns shown in the pictures may be different from the actual gun fits written under each Fobus model.

IWI Jericho 941 Polymer Frames PL/RPL, PSL/RPSL, FBL/RBL
IWI Jericho 941 Steel Frames F/R, FS/RS (with rails)
FN High Power, FN Forty-Nine
H&K 9mm SFP9/VP9, VP9SK, USP Full Size (not Expert), P8
IWI Jericho 941 Polymer Frames PL/RPL, PSL/RPSL, FBL/RBL
Most Kimber 1911 Style Pistols, 4&5 inch Without Rails
Ruger EC9s, LC9, LC9s & LC380
FN High power, FN Forty-Nine
H&K P30, P30 SK
IWI Jericho 941 Polymer & Steel Frames
IWI Jericho 941 Polymer & Steel Frames
H&K SFP9/VP9 and H&K USP Compact 9mm. Accommodates optics such as VENOM 3MOA.
Springfield XD Full Size 9mm & XDM Full Size & Compact 9mm
Most Kimber 1911 Style Pistols 4&5 inch Without Rails
H&K VP9, VP40, P30
Springfield XD, XDM, XDM Competition 5.25
5 inch Kimber 1911 pistols .45 cal with Rails
H&K USP Compact 9mm, .40 , .45 cal, P8
Springfield XD, XDM, 9mm, 40, .45
Most Springfield 1911 Style Pistols (without rails)
H&K VP9, VP40, P30
Kimber Ultra Carry 3 inch
H&K P2000
Springfield XD Mod2 Sub-Compact
H&K USP full size
Springfield Hellcat, XDS, XD Mod2 Sub-Compact
Kimber Solo, Kimber Ultra Carry II, and other similar-sized pistols
Taurus Spectrum .380
Springfield XD, XDM and Similar Others
Beretta PX4 Storm full size, all calibers
Springfield XD, XDM and Similar Others
H&K P2000 SK
Smith & Wesson M&P in 9mm, .40cal, .22cal & .45cal, M&P M2.0 in 9mm, .40cal & .45cal, SD9, SD40, SD9VE
Beretta PX4 Storm Full size, Compact, Sub-Compact, Type F, D, G, SD, Inox, M9, 92A1 & 96A1, 96 Vertec 40 cal. , Beretta 90-Two .40S&W, 92FS, 92 Compact 9mm & 92 Compact Rail Inox 9mm, CORDOVA
Walther PPQ 9mm, PPQ M2 9mm & .40cal
Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm & .40cal
Beretta 92F/96 without rails, except Brigadier, Vertec & Elite
Beretta Vertec & Elite .40cal, 92A1, 96A1, 92FS, 92FS Compact, M9A3
Beretta M9/92FS
Walther P22
Springfield 5 inch 1911 Style Pistols
Beretta Nano
Walther PPS M2
Smith & Wesson most 5-shot J Frame .357 & .38 S&W special +P (not including shrouded barrels), models 442, 637, 638, 642 LS, 640, 60LS
Walther PPX
Beretta PX4 Compact
Walther PPK, PPKS (old versions)
Beretta PX4, APX Compact
Walther PPQ & P99
Beretta PX4 Full Size Types G, C, D, all calibers
Walther PPQ & P99
Beretta PX4 Compact Type F, 9mm & .40cal
Walther CCP, P22, PPKs22, PPK380
Walther PPS 9mm & .40cal
Walther P99 & P99 Compact
Walther P99
Beretta 84 Cheetah (not the FS model)
Fobus Universal IWB Holsters

Fobus takes inside the waistband holsters one step further!

Fobus IWBL, IWBM & IWBS are the next generation of inside the waistband holsters, featuring a polymer injected flexible holster backing and shell, that come in large, medium & small sizes, each able to accommodate multiple, similar-sized pistols, making them as economic as they are comfortable and concealable.